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Joint stock Company «Podolskogneupor» traces its history to the production of refractory, high-temperature materials and products since 1932.

The consumers of the products are more than 500 enterprises and organizations. JSC «Podolskogneupor» keep investing considerable amounts in the development of the plant and manufacturing of the high-quality products. We are always open for consideration of any issues of the mutually beneficial cooperation. JSC «Podolskogneupor» — is constant perfection, development, quality of the universal level!

Silicon carbide electric heaters (KKEN type)
KKEN type connection kit
Thermocouple protective case (SiC)
Crucibles (SiC)
Refractory tubes (Al2O3)
Thermocouple protective case (Al2O3)
Crucibles, boats (Al2O3)
Grinding balls (Al2O3)
Rods, rolls (Al2O3)
Wire heating units
Electric furnaces
Metal powders units
silicon carbide burner nozzles

Today the JSC «Podolskogneupor» develops, manufactures and sells the following main types of the products:


Silicon carbide electric heating units (KKEN type). Silicon carbide electric heating units are manufactured according to European technology that helps to ensure low porosity, high density and high mechanical strength. In stock we always have the following types of silicon carbide  electric heaters: KKEN type GC, KKEN type ED, KKEN type 3ED. Manufactured according to Customer drawings KKEN type U


Wire heating units are made with modern equipment and possess excellent technological properties. Operating temperature range from 500°C to 1300°C. To install these heaters needed fixing, perfect for this insulating our refractory tubes.


Refractory tubes used to fix and setup wire heating elements, are also used for transporting ceramic products in roller furnaces, etc.


Corundum crucibles used for melting materials, industrial analysis and testing samples, widely used in metallurgy, jewelry and chemical industries.


Thermocouple protective cases are used to protect thermocouples with long-term and short-term measurements of temperatures in a gaseous environment, and melts metals, glass and other materials.


On customer’s request we produce complete set of electric heating units with KKEN type connection kit.


We also produce: Grinding balls, ceramic rods, rolls and crucibles.


The products of the plant are used in many areas of industry: construction of various glass melting furnaces, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, glass manufacturing, aircraft and automotive construction, electronic industry, construction materials manufacturing, glass and ceramics manufacturing, electrothermics, chemistry and petrochemistry, municipal economy and other areas. All our products undergo multi-stage quality control at all stages of manufacture and certified in accordance to ISO standards. Each our consignment provided with a quality certificate. In our stock there are always the basic types of most popular products. We have a flexible system of discounts and terms of payment. JSC «Podolskogneupor» carries out delivery across Russia and in CIS countries. High-quality transport packaging ensures safety of our products during long distance transport.

(4967) 58-03-73, 65-90-16
142101 , Russia , Moscow region, Podolsk, Plescheevskaya str., 15A